Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Perfect Super Bowl Venue | Has Everything . . . except a Win!

When my friends and I decided to make a long weekend before the Super Bowl to celebrate the Seattle Seahawks back-to-back appearance, we decided on the new Great Getaway property on Puget Sound. Just an hour and a half (and a world away) from Seattle, Pirate's Cove Beach House is the newest offering from the amazing duo of artist Catharine Gallagher and cinematographer Phil Freeman.

The beach house has all the artistic touches guests have come to expect and have found in other cabins owned by this famous pair. The Pirate's Cove Beach House joins its delightful cousin the Pirate's Cove Caboose ~ a real Great Northern Rail Road caboose set on tracks on the shore nestled in four acres of forest a short 20 minute walk away.

What did we bring? I was in charge of homemade risotto. While rounding up all the ingredients, I grabbed a nice bottle of wine, a generous hunk of parmigiano reggiano, an onion, some garlic and fresh homemade stock. OK, OK, I was showing off a bit but I really wanted it to be great. My friends arrived with all the elements for a Caesar salad. Dinner the first night was delicious.

On Friday morning, we noshed on bagels and cream cheese and planned our weekend. But, first, we relaxed, put our feet up and enjoyed mugs of freshly ground coffee. From plates of artisan cheeses and antipasto to one delicious meal after another, the weekend slowly rolled by without a drop of frenetic energy.

Everything you need for your stay is provided: towels, sheets, down comforters, pots, pans, silverware, plates, wine glasses, beer and water glasses, TP, shampoo and bath gel, afghans, WIFI, dish washing soap, washer/dryer, hot tub, spa robes. You can literally walk in the door with a couple of bags of groceries and be set for the weekend.

Our long weekend turned into an impromptu planning session for a project we had in mind. It was not a grueling planning session, ideas gently flowed as we relaxed and talked but by Sunday night as we were packing up, we had an outline of how we wanted to proceed.

There are a couple of dozen CD's in the living room. We watched movies on Netflix connecting from our laptop to the big screen TV. 

On Sunday, like the rest of the Puget Sound, we started watching the Super Bowl. Wow, what an emotional roller coaster. We'll need to rest up for the next season. And, when we are looking for a place to watch the Super Bowl, we will definitely be getting in touch with Great Getaways. 

Highly recommended!

And, a reminder ~ every day grateful
to live in such a beautiful place.


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