Sunday, February 8, 2015

Let's Talk Fresh Berry Pie

This morning, The Mountain was out! Lovely mist along the foothills and looking like a crisp cut-out against a clear blue Seattle morning sky.

Seeing the Mountain this morning reminded me of one of my favourite stops on the way to Mount Rainier. There is an amazing restaurant just before the Nisqually gate. Through Eatonville and just past Ashford, the Copper Creek Restaurant is a must stop-by if you are either going up to Paradise or coming home from a day hike. 

The Copper Creek Restaurant is noted for its freshly made black berry pies. Baked throughout the day, they are made from the original recipe made famous by Jennie Zuelich, the long-time cook/baker at Copper Creek. Fresh from the oven, flaky crust! Delish. Take an entire pie home, either freshly baked or unbaked and frozen. I've done all three: fresh pie at the restaurant, freshly baked pie to take on the road and unbaked and frozen for later in the month. Honestly, oh yum!

The restaurant's baked goods are divine. Fresh bread. Fresh cinnamon rolls. Fresh chocolate chip cookies. All the bakery items make their generously-sized breakfasts even more memorable.

Freshly prepared by real bakers and served to you by real people who take pride in their work. In the summer, some of your waitstaff will be working their way through college. Others are in the restaurant all year 'round.

The fare is classic American roadside cuisine with some added local specialties. I mean, really, where are you going to get fresh wild salmon in Kansas at the local diner? I’m sayin’ probably nowhere. 

The style of the restaurant remains faithful to the 1940’s original. Updated only to highlight the charming elements customers have come to love. Check out the original mural and the very coolest of cool retro chandeliers. 

It’s casual dining featuring delicious food in a relaxed atmosphere. The couple at the next table enjoying the Salade Nicoise and a bottle of Washington red? Yes, they are still wearing their hiking boots and their backpacks are slung over their chairs. 

And, if you're staying at one of Copper Creek Inn's neighboring cabins, stop by for breakfast. The omelets are fluffy and toothsome. The coffee is especially roasted and, if none of that entices you ~ the cinnamon rolls alone are worth the trip. I'm just sayin' . . .

As you leave, spend some time in the darling gift shop. I personally own a pair of mismatched socks from the shop. I particularly love the catch phrase, “life's too short for matching socks.” 

The gift shop also features Catharine’s art on note cards, Copper Creek Inn hoodies as well as their special blend of coffee in one pound bags. And, did I mention Washington wines bottled just for them featuring Catharine’s unique labels? They are there, too.

So I guess the long and short of this is ~ 
if you’re going to Mount Rainier, 
take time to relax over dinner and pie at Copper Creek.

Grateful every day spent at Paradise on Mount Rainier

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