Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Oh, the adventures that begin with . . .

If you believe the loveliest memories are made at Mount Rainier, bring your family and friends to Copper Creek Inn for your wedding.

If you believe the best things come in small packages, consider exchanging your vows at the Lodge at Copper Creek Inn. Perfect for your intimate wedding of 40 guests. For a larger wedding of up to 150 guests, hold your ceremony in our sun-drenched glade and reserve the Meadow at Copper Creek Inn. Both venues sublime and utterly distinctive.

Located two miles from the Nisqually Gate to Mount Rainier, the Meadow and the Lodge at Copper Creek Inn are stunning backdrops for a wedding as exceptional as you are.

Extraordinary in every way ~ chic, sophisticated, elegant, refined, tender, deeply romantic, and reminiscent of a more graceful time.

Our weddings are noted for their flawless attention to detail.

Imagine your photographs . . .

You ~ beautiful in your dress as your groom gazes at you.

You ~ radiant on the arm of your beloved as you exchange your vows before your family and friends.

You ~ glowing with happiness as you toss your bouquet.

While it is true all weddings need families, friends and a lovely couple glowing with love, you're also going to need something to eat. And, oh, boy! Have you come to the right place!

Julia and Donny, the catering chefs at Copper Creek Inn, are ready to help you plan the perfect wedding menu for you and your guests. 

Yes, it is true that Copper Creek Inn is famous for its amazing berry pies, but, wait until you taste what they have planned for your wedding celebration! Everything freshly prepared on-site. Everything beautifully presented. 

Thinking of a wedding brunch?

Yes, you can have that lovely brunch you have always wanted. Copper Creek Inn has many dining options. Maybe you will want your guests to have the fresh, warm quiche with a delectably flaky crust served with fresh fruit in its own rind bowl.  Whatever menu items you select will be carefully prepared and artfully presented. The result will be friendly and inviting. And as always, you can choose from an assortment of breads fresh from the oven.

If you have a dinner in mind, the chefs at Copper Creek Inn are famous for imaginative entrées.

Are you thinking smoked salmon? Me, too! Their wild salmon is smoked on site the day of your event. How about BBQ? Yes! Our chefs are BBQ'd royalty. Delicious flat iron steaks, rib eye steaks, chicken, burgers, ribs, and bratwurst ~ prepared while you watch. Add locally sourced fruits and vegetables to complete your dinner selections. Result? Oh, yum! I'm just sayin' . . . 

Copper Creek Inn offers professional catering services you can depend on. 

From the food to the sparkling wine to the tent to the music to the arrangements on the tables, the knowledgeable staff at Copper Creek Inn is prepared to make your wedding wishes a reality.

Whatever you decide, every recommendation is made to make your day as perfect as you hope.

Call to arrange a tour or a tasting.

Everything just as you imagined.

And, a dazzling beginning of many, many happy anniversaries.

Everyday grateful for family and friends
who gather to celebrate happy occasions.

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