Monday, April 20, 2015

Remembering Summer Camp

I was going to write about summer’s Big 3 today. You know: Graduations. Weddings. Family reunions. But, as I was looking out at my garden seeing the fragrant lilac hedge doing its lavish best to fill the air with its gentle perfume, I was reminded of the warm days of summer camp when the trees were fully leafed out. Sunlit days. Moonlit nights. The walks in the woods. The starry nights. Laughing around the campfire. The smell of wood smoke. No phones. The shower just up the trail. Heaven.

The funny thing is ~ that is all still available at Mount Rainier!

I love the Sky and Snow Cabins. Quite a bit more civilized than the summer camp of old but just as serene, peaceful and relaxing. These classic cabins are small and tucked under the trees in a beautiful wooded setting. 

Each cabin has its own detached private bathroom with a shower. How cool is that! So, fling your towel over your shoulder like you did when you were 10 and walk 30 steps to your own bathroom. And, since these cabins are a tad more polished, you have access to the hot tub behind the Inn during your stay.

These darling cabins are open all year 'round. So, whenever the "summer camp" mood strikes, book a stay in Sky or Snow!

I'm just sayin' . . .

Grateful every day for summer in the Northwest.

King5 Evening Magazine Voted Best Cabins 2 years in a row!

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