Friday, April 17, 2015

Love the Cabins & Locations! Can I Bring My Dog?

Ramses, Barkley & Hoagie Approved!
This morning a friend of mine stopped by to tell me she had voted for Great Getaways cabins in the King5 Evening Magazine Best Cabins category.

"I've always wanted to stay there. Do they allow dogs?"

Why, yes they do!

Just ask Ramses, Barkley and Hoagie. These are their starred recommendations for the pet-friendly cabins at Great Getaways.

Ramses the Great is a Leonberger!

This in his own words: "I just love water! My favourite cabin is Pirate's Cover Beach House on Puget Sound. I love morning and afternoon swims in Hammersley Inlet and walking along the 800' of waterfront. Between swims, I love romping in the 11 acres of woodlands filled with ancient moss-covered cedars, gnarled maples, and old apple trees. In fact, I've been known to munch on a fallen apple or two during our stay. My peep brings a bag of tennis balls and flings them up and down the shore. I like them wet so sometimes I take one into the water just to improve the texture. If your peep loves beautiful sunrises and sunsets on the deck while you lounge at her feet, this is the prefect cabin for you both. Little known fact: When I was little, I was the first dog to stay at a Great Getaways cabin. If you are staying near Mount Rainier, I also recommend the Cedar Springs Cabin. Keep in mind, dogs are not allowed in the National Park. I don't know why, but it's the rules."

Barkley is a Wheaten Terrier!

This in his own words: "My friend, Ramses told me about the cabins at Great Getaways. My peeps and I stayed in Grey Fox up at Stevens Pass. Wow, it was great! I'm a really active dog! It's a good thing my peeps love to hike. We go for very long walks a couple of times a day. Grey Fox is perfect for us!  It's located on the Skykomish River. There are lots of trails and so many things to see and smell as we walk through the three acres of forest. For fun, my peeps like to walk to the small historic town of Index. It hasn't changed much in the last hundred years! I'm not much for sightseeing but they like the quaint atmosphere. They stop for coffee and call it an outing. I have no idea what that is, but they seem to like it."
Hoagie is a Pug!

This in his own words: "My friends, Ramses and Barkley both like staying at Great Getaways cabins, but they are way, way more active than I am. My peep likes to take me for leisurely walks along the trails around the Pirate's Cove Caboose Cabin. I like this cabin 'cuz it's cozy and small like me. I do like walking in the forest but I really like sitting next to my peep at the end of the day. I like sitting around the fire pit in the evening and snuggling with her at night. The Caboose Cabin is very cool. It is actually a real train caboose that has been restored. I know Ramses likes to swim in Hammersley Inlet. Me? Not so much. I have small paws. His are webbed! Like Barkley, I like walking around smelling all the smells. I like the smell of bunnies and ducks the most, but mostly, I like hanging out. I'm kindah a lap dog."

We like vacations as much as you.
Don't leave us at home! 
It makes us very sad!

Sooo, when you are looking for a pet-friendly cabin, 
consult the experts! 
Take Ramses, Barkley, and Hoagie's recommendation!

Great Getaways Pet-friendly Cabins:

Grateful every day to have dogs in my life. Fun! Fun! Fun!

King5 Evening Magazine ~ Voted Best Cabins Two Years in a Row

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