Monday, April 20, 2015

Remembering Summer Camp

I was going to write about summer’s Big 3 today. You know: Graduations. Weddings. Family reunions. But, as I was looking out at my garden seeing the fragrant lilac hedge doing its lavish best to fill the air with its gentle perfume, I was reminded of the warm days of summer camp when the trees were fully leafed out. Sunlit days. Moonlit nights. The walks in the woods. The starry nights. Laughing around the campfire. The smell of wood smoke. No phones. The shower just up the trail. Heaven.

The funny thing is ~ that is all still available at Mount Rainier!

I love the Sky and Snow Cabins. Quite a bit more civilized than the summer camp of old but just as serene, peaceful and relaxing. These classic cabins are small and tucked under the trees in a beautiful wooded setting. 

Each cabin has its own detached private bathroom with a shower. How cool is that! So, fling your towel over your shoulder like you did when you were 10 and walk 30 steps to your own bathroom. And, since these cabins are a tad more polished, you have access to the hot tub behind the Inn during your stay.

These darling cabins are open all year 'round. So, whenever the "summer camp" mood strikes, book a stay in Sky or Snow!

I'm just sayin' . . .

Grateful every day for summer in the Northwest.

King5 Evening Magazine Voted Best Cabins 2 years in a row!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Love the Cabins & Locations! Can I Bring My Dog?

Ramses, Barkley & Hoagie Approved!
This morning a friend of mine stopped by to tell me she had voted for Great Getaways cabins in the King5 Evening Magazine Best Cabins category.

"I've always wanted to stay there. Do they allow dogs?"

Why, yes they do!

Just ask Ramses, Barkley and Hoagie. These are their starred recommendations for the pet-friendly cabins at Great Getaways.

Ramses the Great is a Leonberger!

This in his own words: "I just love water! My favourite cabin is Pirate's Cover Beach House on Puget Sound. I love morning and afternoon swims in Hammersley Inlet and walking along the 800' of waterfront. Between swims, I love romping in the 11 acres of woodlands filled with ancient moss-covered cedars, gnarled maples, and old apple trees. In fact, I've been known to munch on a fallen apple or two during our stay. My peep brings a bag of tennis balls and flings them up and down the shore. I like them wet so sometimes I take one into the water just to improve the texture. If your peep loves beautiful sunrises and sunsets on the deck while you lounge at her feet, this is the prefect cabin for you both. Little known fact: When I was little, I was the first dog to stay at a Great Getaways cabin. If you are staying near Mount Rainier, I also recommend the Cedar Springs Cabin. Keep in mind, dogs are not allowed in the National Park. I don't know why, but it's the rules."

Barkley is a Wheaten Terrier!

This in his own words: "My friend, Ramses told me about the cabins at Great Getaways. My peeps and I stayed in Grey Fox up at Stevens Pass. Wow, it was great! I'm a really active dog! It's a good thing my peeps love to hike. We go for very long walks a couple of times a day. Grey Fox is perfect for us!  It's located on the Skykomish River. There are lots of trails and so many things to see and smell as we walk through the three acres of forest. For fun, my peeps like to walk to the small historic town of Index. It hasn't changed much in the last hundred years! I'm not much for sightseeing but they like the quaint atmosphere. They stop for coffee and call it an outing. I have no idea what that is, but they seem to like it."
Hoagie is a Pug!

This in his own words: "My friends, Ramses and Barkley both like staying at Great Getaways cabins, but they are way, way more active than I am. My peep likes to take me for leisurely walks along the trails around the Pirate's Cove Caboose Cabin. I like this cabin 'cuz it's cozy and small like me. I do like walking in the forest but I really like sitting next to my peep at the end of the day. I like sitting around the fire pit in the evening and snuggling with her at night. The Caboose Cabin is very cool. It is actually a real train caboose that has been restored. I know Ramses likes to swim in Hammersley Inlet. Me? Not so much. I have small paws. His are webbed! Like Barkley, I like walking around smelling all the smells. I like the smell of bunnies and ducks the most, but mostly, I like hanging out. I'm kindah a lap dog."

We like vacations as much as you.
Don't leave us at home! 
It makes us very sad!

Sooo, when you are looking for a pet-friendly cabin, 
consult the experts! 
Take Ramses, Barkley, and Hoagie's recommendation!

Great Getaways Pet-friendly Cabins:

Grateful every day to have dogs in my life. Fun! Fun! Fun!

King5 Evening Magazine ~ Voted Best Cabins Two Years in a Row

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

National Park Service Week Starts Saturday, April 18 ~ Come Down for The Weekend!

John Muir-Library of Congress
Next week marks the 177th anniversary of the birth of John Muir, the famed naturalist and preservationist who is often referred to as the father of the national parks. If that name sounds familiar it's because he is also the founder of the Sierra Club. He climbed Mount Rainier in 1888 and was instrumental in the creation of Mount Rainier National Park in 1899. An ardent conservationist and early advocate for the preservation of wilderness, he famously walked a 1000 miles with no particular route in mind except to take the "wildest, leafiest, and least trodden way I could find." 

Maybe the Department of the Interior had John Muir in mind with its announcement of National Park Week. The weeklong celebration starts Saturday, April 18th.

Thanks to Nick Visser of the Huffington Post:

Now that spring has officially sprung, it's high time to go on an adventure. 

The Department of the Interior's rapidly growing Instagram account has been featuring stellar shots of sunrises and sunsets that showcase America's natural beauty. The National Park Service, a division of the DOI, oversees more than 400 sites and the DOI manages 500 million acres of public lands. 

The National Park Service is celebrating National Park Week starting Saturday, April 18.

All national parks ~ including heavyweights like Yosemite, Glacier, Acadia (and my personal favourite, our own Mount Rainier)~ are waiving entrance fees for the weekend to encourage everyone to get out there and find their park. 

FREE! has a real nice ring to it.

But, wait! You're going to need a place to stay!

I recommend the Muir Cabin at Mount Rainier. This cabin is an homage to John Muir and is reminiscent of the quiet, privacy, and serenity of the forest preserved in Muir Woods. To quote the National Park Service website: "When John Muir learned that William and Elizabeth Kent were naming a redwood forest near San Francisco in his honor, he declared, 'This is the best tree-lovers monument that could possibly be found in all the forests of the world.' " 

This Muir Cabin is located in a setting so lush and verdant you feel like you are in the national park; a tree-lovers paradise!

Muir Cabin is the most secluded of all the cabins at Copper Creek. With over 750 feet of waterfront along Copper Creek, you can wander and relax in comfort and total privacy. 

There are no other buildings in sight; no road sounds, just the hypnotic sounds of the waters of Copper Creek.

After a walk around the acreage, enjoy the hot tub. Sit on the deck, put your feet up, and relax. End the evening with a shower for two. Snuggle under comforters filled with down. Rejuvenate!

In the morning, enjoy freshly made, freshly ground coffee ~ a Copper Creek Inn Special Blend. Enjoy!

So, come to Mount Rainier this weekend. And, if the "wildest, leafiest, least trodden way" appeals to you, you will find it during your stay at Muir Cabin. 

Reserve now!

Grateful every day for people working to protect the wild for generations to come!

King 5 and Evening Magazine Best Cabins Two Years in a Row!

Catharine Gallagher's portrait of John Muir

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Going for a Three-Peat! King 5 and Evening Magazine's Best Northwest Escapes Voting is Open! Please Cast Your Vote!

You may have noticed this logo 
at the bottom of the blog posts. 

Great Getaways and Copper Creek Inn 
has been voted the best cabins in the 
Evening Magazine's Best Northwest Escapes 
two years in a row!

It's that time of year again.

King 5 ~ Evening Magazine ~ Best Cabins
Please cast your vote for Copper Creek Inn


Please cast your vote for Copper Creek Inn and tell your friends. Your vote makes all the difference. These cabins are wonderful. 

Thank you in advance for helping Copper Creek Inn ~ going for a Three-Peat!

Spring has Sprung! Heading to Stevens Pass ~ Summer is on the Way

OK, OK, it's true. We live in paradise!

And, this morning? Another gorgeous, gorgeous day. If you just can't think of what to do next weekend, bring your bike or your hiking boots and head to Stevens Pass via the Skagit Tulip Festival. Nothing says, "Hello, Spring! Summer is just around the corner" like fields and fields of tulips in a riot of colour. And, this year is no exception. The tulips are doing their very best in the competition between the clear blue sky and the snow-capped peaks in every direction. My goddaughter sent me these images.

I love the tulip festival. Nothing says winter is over with more enthusiasm. It gives us a glimpse of the promise of summer when May, June, July, and August hold out their generous, welcoming arms, and say, "Let's go!"

This weekend, it was Stevens Pass and the utterly darling A-frame chalet with the completely perfect name ~ A River Runs Through It!

This is one of the most secluded cabins at Stevens Pass. And, yes! A river does run through it!

I love this little cabin! It's just the perfect size for one or two couples. I love it as a single, too. When I want to get away and completely relax, write in my journal, walk in the forest, and soak in a hot tub under a sky flung with stars, this is the place! It really is perfect in any season.

This weekend, I drove to Leavenworth for its Taste Leavenworth ~ a "culinary crawl" through town. Oh, yes! A Foodie Heaven! The Spring Sensation festival lasts all month. Enjoy wine tastings, artisan brews, cooking classes, and Leavenworth's salute to organic pears, a regional treasure! Orchards around Leavenworth are some of the largest producers of this sublime fruit in the entire country. Who knew?

Back to my cabin with a bag full of deliciousness! Gourmet treats, a nice crisp white wine for dinner, and flaky pastries for breakfast in the morning.

The day ends with a soak in the hot tub. Up to my neck in warm, bubbling water. Stars above. Index Creek below tumbling on rocks to the sea. Off to bed under down comforters. Soothing! Ah, rest!

In the morning, the sounds of the forest come to life. Birds, Index Creek. The wind through the trees. This calls for freshly ground coffee sipped on the back deck along with my pastries from Leavenworth. Oh, yum!

Hiking. Biking. Whitewater rafting. Rock climbing. Skiing. Fishing. Sledding. Snowshoeing. Photography. Perfect year 'round.

And, as if all those outdoor activities were not enough, Catharine has filled the cabin with many delightful, artful details. Check out the bronze door pulls! Oh, yes! And, look at the amazing bronze pedestal sink set into river rock. Imagine sitting in the sky bridge overlooking the forest. And, the floor! Sheesh, how does this girl do it? Amazing!


Every cabin is distinctive. Not a cookie cutter in sight. This cabin has many more artful surprises. I let you discover your favourite detail. And, when you go to the River Runs Through It at, you will find lots of information to make your stay even more enjoyable. Weather, snow fall, recommended hikes, etc. I'm included a hot link to that page for your information.

I love this secluded retreat. I think you will as well.

Grateful every day for the promise of spring in this lovely corner of the world!

King 5 and Evening Magazine ~ Voted Best Cabins 2 years in a row!

Thank you to my goddaughter, Linsi Ferguson for the Tulip Festival images.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hello, Spring! Mount Rainier is calling . . .

Yes, it is true. It's been a mild winter. And, spring means ~ wild flowers! From now until the first frost, there are meadows and meadows of wild flowers on Mount Rainier. Check out the Forest Service Wild Flower Report hotlink below to see what is blooming and plan your trip.

Copper Creek Inn is in the news!

Last week, I was having breakfast with a friend. Great pancakes and a really long line. As I walked up to put my name on the list, I saw the Seattle Times Sunday edition. The first page headlined, "Rainier Retreat ~ Rustic rentals offer respite on a mountain getaway." I grabbed the paper and started through the sections. The NW Traveler section headline "Get Cozy at Mount Rainier Cabins" jumped out at me. Holy cow! Copper Creek Inn was featured with other "rustic vacation rentals along the road to Paradise."

Take a tip from the author, Brian J. Cantwell ~ "Go soon and beat the summer crowds."

Great tip! What are you waiting for? Mount Rainier is a year 'round treasure. Hiking, biking, camping, snow shoeing, photography, picnicking. Heaven! And, the best part? You don't have to wait for the perfect time to visit the mountain. It's always perfect. It's just waiting for you.

Copper Creek Inn and its rustic cabins are the perfect way to end a day on the mountain. Yes, there are motels in larger neighboring cities, but where's the fun in that? Cookie cutter motel rooms with polyester bedspreads? Or, how about river rock fireplaces, personal hot tubs, thick, plush towels, down comforters, rocking chairs by the creek, starry nights? Cabins. Pine walls. Real log cabins. Built by hand and designed with an inspired touch. To quote the old song . . . go together like a horse and carriage.

One of my favourites is the Dream Weaver. I remember when it was being restored. And, look at it now! I love the approach. How cool is that handrail as it curves its way to the front porch!


If Dream Weaver is booked, don't worry! There are other wonderful cabins from which to choose:

Grateful every day to see the promise of spring realized. Enjoy!

King5 TV and Evening Magazine ~ Voted best cabins 2 years in a row!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Catharine Gallagher | Your Host ~ In Her Own Words

Catharine is an artist. Everything she touches has artistic flourishes. Some small. Some large. Some subtle. Some bold. Often whimsical; even surprising. Always beautiful. 

Several years ago, I stayed for the weekend in her art studio before it was a "cabin". The first morning, I woke to that lovely weekend feeling of "I have no place I have to be." "I have nothing I have to do." 

I lay there contemplating the room. An art studio is a highly personal space. Whenever I have the opportunity to visit one, I am reminded art is the mind made manifest. 

Catharine's "Art by the Yard" studio was no different. From my bed, snuggled in its pleasantly disarrayed down comforter, I began my visual exploration. Her easel stood near a window. A canvas work in process, interrupted. The palette on a nearby stool. The room flooded with morning light. Tubes of paint filling a box. Paint brushes upturned in a jar, drying. A handmade bowl filled with pebbles. The feather of a bird tucked in a book marking the end of a read. A high-tech embroidery machine with large spools of thread in many colours. A stack of hoodies ready to be embroidered for the gift shop. A completed one folded and tagged. Sketches of preliminary designs for note cards. Several works in progress; a creative mind at work.

There is finished art on the walls; handmade tile on the floor under the Franklin stove; a small kitchen with a jar of whole bean coffee. The room is interesting and filled with personal elements. Wonderful!

Now, you can stay in the Art Studio. It's still as beautiful and interesting as it was when it was a working studio. Catharine’s art is on the walls. Her easel is standing in the corner waiting for you. 

As Catharine says: This charming one room cedar cabin is still full of creative energy; a place of much joy and happiness. Try your hand at the easel. Or, for your own art-filled stay, bring a project of your own to work on. Take your sketchbook outside to sit by the creek. Write in your journal. Work on your needlecraft. Relax. Refresh. Breathe in the fresh mountain air. Listen to the sound of Copper Creek as it tumbles over the rocks on its way to the sea. I hope the spirit of this creative little cabin inspires you as it has inspired me!

Grateful every day to have creative, artful people in my life.

King 5 and Evening Magazine ~ Voted Best Cabins 2 Years in a Row!