Friday, March 20, 2015

Catharine Gallagher | Your Host ~ In Her Own Words

Catharine is an artist. Everything she touches has artistic flourishes. Some small. Some large. Some subtle. Some bold. Often whimsical; even surprising. Always beautiful. 

Several years ago, I stayed for the weekend in her art studio before it was a "cabin". The first morning, I woke to that lovely weekend feeling of "I have no place I have to be." "I have nothing I have to do." 

I lay there contemplating the room. An art studio is a highly personal space. Whenever I have the opportunity to visit one, I am reminded art is the mind made manifest. 

Catharine's "Art by the Yard" studio was no different. From my bed, snuggled in its pleasantly disarrayed down comforter, I began my visual exploration. Her easel stood near a window. A canvas work in process, interrupted. The palette on a nearby stool. The room flooded with morning light. Tubes of paint filling a box. Paint brushes upturned in a jar, drying. A handmade bowl filled with pebbles. The feather of a bird tucked in a book marking the end of a read. A high-tech embroidery machine with large spools of thread in many colours. A stack of hoodies ready to be embroidered for the gift shop. A completed one folded and tagged. Sketches of preliminary designs for note cards. Several works in progress; a creative mind at work.

There is finished art on the walls; handmade tile on the floor under the Franklin stove; a small kitchen with a jar of whole bean coffee. The room is interesting and filled with personal elements. Wonderful!

Now, you can stay in the Art Studio. It's still as beautiful and interesting as it was when it was a working studio. Catharine’s art is on the walls. Her easel is standing in the corner waiting for you. 

As Catharine says: This charming one room cedar cabin is still full of creative energy; a place of much joy and happiness. Try your hand at the easel. Or, for your own art-filled stay, bring a project of your own to work on. Take your sketchbook outside to sit by the creek. Write in your journal. Work on your needlecraft. Relax. Refresh. Breathe in the fresh mountain air. Listen to the sound of Copper Creek as it tumbles over the rocks on its way to the sea. I hope the spirit of this creative little cabin inspires you as it has inspired me!

Grateful every day to have creative, artful people in my life.

King 5 and Evening Magazine ~ Voted Best Cabins 2 Years in a Row!

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